Engineering for Kids in Entrepreneur Magazine in an article titled, “Intel Engineer Shares Her Passion With the Next Generation.” The article talks focused on Shu-ling Garver, a native of China, who came to the U.S. in 1986 after receiving a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from a university in Shanghai. Once arriving in the United States, she received both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science and Engineering. Garver has worked for Intel since 1989 as an engineering manager and marketing manager enabling the industry with Intel Architecture. At Intel, she also dedicated herself to engaging female engineers, mentoring them and getting young girls involved in the industry. With this background, becoming an owner for Engineering for Kids was a perfect fit. Click here for the entire article or begin below.
Intel Engineer Shares Her Passion With the Next Generation
By: Jason Dailey

When Shu-ling Garver was growing up during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, opportunity was not a word she understood. Her father, an English teacher by profession, was labeled a political enemy and forced to dig tunnels. The family lived in a Shanghai back alley. It was a terrible time, but the little girl studied hard and learned English from her father and the radio.
Garver appeared to have no chance of making it out of the slums. But when she turned 17, she was surprised to learn that she was allowed to apply for college. After completing two years at a technical school in Shanghai, she transferred to Portland State University in Oregon, where she graduated in 1989 with a degree in computer science. She was recruited by Intel and has been working for the chip manufacturer ever since.
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