Franchising – International

Master Franchise Opportunity

Engineering for Kids® offers entrepeneurs the opportunity to purchase exclusive rights to the region or country of their choice. The Master franchisee will be responsible to open the first franchise, build credibility and then sell sub franchises throughout their market. Master franchisees generate revenue through the operation of the first corporate franchise, the selling of sub franchises and collection of royalties. The growth potential is incredible


Engineering for Kids® brings math, science, technology and engineering to children in a fun and challenging way through classes, camps, workshops, and birthday parties. We are proud to inspire children to build on their natural curiosity by teaching engineering concepts through hands-on learning.

We have developed exciting programs that invite children to have fun while they use their knowledge of math and science to design, create, and improve solutions to engineering problems. Children are natural engineers and love building and taking things apart. Engineering for Kids® programs engage students in hands-on real world engineering experiences!


Engineering for Kids® Master Franchise fees range between $50,000 USD – $350,000 USD. The Master franchise fee depends on the size of the region, level of affluence and number of Engineering for Kids® franchises that can be opened in your market. The minimum initial investment starts at approximately USD $75,000 and may be considerably higher. This initial investment includes the Master Franchise fee, start up costs, marketing, working capital and the opening of your first franchise.

Training and Support

We train you to be a successful Engineering for Kids Master franchisee by requiring you to successfully complete our 4-day Engineering for Kids® training at our corporate headquarters. We provide you with instruction and curriculum materials on all areas of operations, from a thorough review of the operations manual to hands-on classroom training.