Be Your Own Boss…With a Passionate Team Behind You

It’s natural to want to use your talents to build your own success – but it’s not always easy. Engineering For Kids provides the independence of running your own business with a strong foundation of guidance and support from an established home office. Our leadership is teeming with franchise knowledge stemming from experience running multiple franchise locations across several different franchise concepts. Our resumes boast extensive skills across classroom teaching, entrepreneurship, training, sales and marketing and as soon as you join our system of Engineering For Kids franchise owners, we’re working with you every step of the way.

Our unique and proven system offers franchisees the benefits of an established brand and the chance to start up quickly. Because you don’t have to invent the wheel, the risk of making mistakes is low, with solutions already in place to book programs in schools, schedule summer camps and attract students and staff members. Out turnkey marketing materials, designed by our highly skilled graphic design team, allow you to quickly develop a professional looking presence in your market and attract customers quickly and effectively.

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Our rock-solid training process involves three major steps:

  • Pre-Training

    • We send you all the material you need to get started.  Manuals on opening your business, registering with the IRS and the legal aspects of starting your own business.  You also get guidance on market research prior to coming to Initial Training
  • Initial Corporate Training

    • Our comprehensive initial training program will prepare you and one other person with the knowledge and tools to open your own Engineering For Kids business, from class curriculum to marketing and business operations. You will spend 20 hours with us in Fredericksburg, VA with our Home Office team delving into the details of how to get your Engineering For Kids business off the ground quickly.
  •  Post Training

    • After completing our Initial Corporate Training, you will also receive 20 hours of remote training on various aspects of operating your Engineering For Kids business. This will include information ranging from hiring and training your staff, managing and ordering supplies, developing a marketing strategy and so much more.
  • Ongoing Training

    • Our in-depth operations manuals provide an additional resource and cover many of the ongoing details of running your Engineering For Kids business. You will receive curriculum manuals for each of our content areas with step by step lesson plans for all of our activities. Our online knowledge base is constantly updated with the latest best practices and marketing materials, and training videos will be available for both key curriculum areas and as new curriculum becomes available.


Our Support infrastructure is large, consisting of Help Desk tickets, phone support, an online knowledgebase available 24/7, a shared media library, marketing materials and business development support

  • Response

    • Our home office is always available for assistance and to answer your questions. Our goal is to quickly answer any question or concern.
  • Intranet System and Help Center

    • Engineering For Kids owners will have 24/7 access to our intranet system. Here you will be able to receive messages from our home office, download curriculum materials, operations manuals, videos, and other resources
  • Innovative Curriculum Development

    • We are dedicated to constant innovation of our programs, lessons plans, and teaching resources
  • Marketing and Brand Platform

    • We provide an array of unique promotional and marketing materials and coach franchise owners on detailed marketing plans and strategies. Our online, web-to-print and design solutions make it easy to utilize our wide range of materials to market your business
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